You Can Now Report Complaints – Immigration & Citizenship Authority

  • The Chief Migration Officer has released a public notice about reporting complaints on any allegations of extortion by staff or persons claiming to be Immigration Officers.

    It’s a timely notice and appears to follow on from a well publicized incident involving a couple of their staff.  The notice certainly gives public confidence in dealing with the Authority and the responsibility is on the Authority to take action and address complaints in a timely manner.

    Here is the notice:

    This Public Notice is to inform and encourage the general public and our valued clients to
    contact this Authority immediately to report any complaints and allegations of extortion
    by staff or persons claiming to be Immigration Officers for investigation.

    The public is also advised that no application or fees for any migration service (passport,
    visa, citizenship, or compliance) should be given to any staff of the Authority. All
    applications must be lodged at the lodgement counter and not through any staff. Staff
    accepting applications outside of the counter must be reported to the Office of the Chief
    Migration Officer.

    This Authority will be setting up an Internal Investigations Team to deal with complaints
    and ensure appropriate action is taken.

    All complaints are to be sent to:

    Chief Migration Officer
    PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority
    Central Government Office, Melanesian Way, Waigani
    Ground Floor (Tower A)
    PO Box 1790
    National Capital District
    Telephone: +675-3276111

    I take this opportunity to thank the general public and our valued clients for your
    cooperation .

    Authorised by:

    Solomon Kantha
    Acting Chief Migration Officer
    PUBLIC NOTICE No.11/2017

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