What matters when booking a flight : Price or the inclusions

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    There are generally two types of airlines: the ones that provide the total or almost total flight experience and the budget airline.

    The Port Moresby to Brisbane route has two main airlines operating: Air Niugini and Virgin Australia.  Both airlines, at least in our experience, offer different experiences.  This is isn’t surprising because as we mentioned earlier, one is a budget airline while the other offers a full in-flight experience.

    So what matters to you when booking?  Do you solely focus on price or do you consider the “extras”?

    Apart from the price where Air Niugini charges higher than Virgin Australia on the POM-BNE route, let’s take a look at some of the “extras” and see if they’re worth the extra Kina.

    Food & Beverage

    Air Niugini includes food and beverage as part of its package on this route.  Even better, passengers are offered a choice of meal thus offering flexibility in its offering.  Virgin Australia does not include food and beverages however it does have a reasonable variety in its menu where food and beverages can be purchased.  Just make sure you have a credit card or Australian Dollars with you.


    Air Niugini offers in-flight entertainment experience.  These include headsets to listen to music or audio sound of a movie you’re watching in-flight.  Each seat has a television screen with an extensive list of movies to choose from to watch in-flight.


    Customer service

    From our experience, both airlines offer good customer service and at times some staff may offer superior service.  We’ve never had any negative customer experience so we can’t comment on anything bad about either of them.


    Regardless of the price or whatever other amenities are provided some passionate Papua New Guineans choose Air Niugini.  It’s a personal choice but it does show that Papua New Guineans take pride in their own airline.

    So, in taking the above into account: would you buy a ticket because of the price or would you consider the inclusions even if you had to spend extra Kina?



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