Top 10 beach resorts in Papua New Guinea

  • One of the unique experiences one can get when visiting Papua New Guinea is staying at a local resort.  Not only do they offer an unique range of tourism activities, the resorts are well embedded in their surroundings and with the people that reside in the community they do business.

    We’ve had friends and visitors who have visited these resorts and we always keep a record of the good and the not so good experiences because we’d like to share them to others who are thinking of taking on that PNG experience.   So we’ve come up with our very own top 10 resorts that you should try out, when you next visit the city or town in which the resort is located.  We’d love to hear from you too on your experience on a PNG resot!

    New addition –  Walindi Resort

    Where: Kimbe, West New Britain Province

    Perched right on the coast of a stunning bay, surrounded by volcanoes and dense jungle. A review in Trip Advisor sums it up

    “There is a great community feel about the place, with groups of divers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts all talking about their epic daily adventures….The food is great, the staff are super friendly and the diving is out of this world. Don’t forget to do the hot spring tour, it’s fantastic! I’ll definitely return again soon! Big thanks to Max and co for making our trip so special.” mattkk 2112

    Image: Peter Lange

    1.  Tufi Dive Resort

    Where: Tufi, Oro Province

    Tufi will always have to be our first pick, simply because it is in a stunning location, offers unique adventurous experiences and breathtaking views of the surroundings.  Not to mention, the class facilities and the service.  It’s a great place to have a wedding too!

    2. Liamo Reef

    Where: Kimbe, West New Britain Province


    Source: Liamo Reef Resort


    Located in the heart of Kimbe, Liamo has beautiful beach front views of Kimbe Bay. It’s only a couple of minutes walk from the main town, close to the central shopping areas but also has the luxury of enjoying the tranquil serenity of the private beach front property on return. Most of our friends who have visited have not been disappointed.  In fact, they’ve been awestruck by surroundings, the people and of course the service at Liamo.  It’s one of the active resorts social wise but there’s always the chance to relax and absorb the tropical environment Liamo offers.

    3. Nusa Island Retreat

    Where: Kavieng, New Ireland Province


    Source: Nusa Island Retreat


    When it comes to resorts in Papua New Guinea, Nusa always makes it in the top 5 and there are several good reasons for this.  Firstly, Nusa is a fantastic location to surf, dive and fish. Secondly, the simplicity yet uniqueness of the accommodation it offers.   The facility is constructed using a mix of PNG hardwoods & local Nui Ailan “bush material” to create traditionally styled bungalows with an island vernacular, designed to blend in with the natural environment.  Is that enough?  There’s more but your best bet is to visit Nusa to experience the other reasons yourself!

    4. Lissenung Island Resort

    Kavieng, New Ireland Province

    Source: Lissenung Island Resort Facebook page

    By now, you can see that Kavieng in New Ireland Province is a tropical paradise, and it is.  Lissenung is a little similar in terms of the activities it offers but more isolated thus making it even more unique.  One of the key attractions our friend visitors have found is the village tours.  The friendly people on the island and surrounding islands will surely make you feel at home.

    5. Madang Resort

    Where: Madang, Madang Province

    Rouse: Madang Resort

    Madang is known as Papua New Guinea’s top holiday destination.  At the forefront of Madang tourism has been Madang Resort.  The resort is ideally situated at the gateway to one of the Pacific’s most beautiful harbours, the historic Madang Resort is PNG’s longest established resort, originally operating as a guest house during the days under German colonial rule.  The resort has modern facilities with a tropical touch and is popular amongst tourists and corporate travelers.

    6. Doini Plantation Resort

    Where: Doini Island

    Doini Island is located on the eastern tip of the country. Originally surveyed by a government surveyor on the 19th September 1900 and consists of 1100 hectares of coconut trees and beautiful rainforest, Doini Island is paradise unto itself.  When you think of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, you immediately think of Fiji or French Polynesia. But Doini is PNG’s own and the fact that it is untouched makes it more unique and better than the more tourist oriented pacific islands.  Traditional styled bungalows are scattered on the waterfront and local carvers have added a touch of culture to make the tourists expereince more “Milne Bay”.  The P&O cruise ships have included Doini Island on their cruise schedule and you can see why they have.

    7. Rapopo Plantation Resort

    Where: Kokopo, East New Britain Province

    With the direct flights from Cairns to Rabaul, Rapopo is proving to be a popular accommodation option.  The resorts pool is considered to be the best out of all pools and there’s very little doubt about that.  The scenery is spectacular with Rabaul’s active volcanoes in clear site from the resort.  Fishing, diving and village tours are on offer and if you’re that adventurous you can visit the tunnels built by the Japanese during World War.

    8. Driftwood Resort

    Where: Alotau, Milne Bay Province

    Source: Driftwood Resort

    Source: Driftwood Resort

    By now, you’re probably thinking that Milne Bay like the East and West New Britain Province make up PNG’s best destinations because this is another one coming from Milne Bay Province.  Nestled amid the forest of Point King by the water’s edge, the resort offers exclusive accommodation in seven Cape Cod style bungalows, each featuring beautiful Rosewood, polished floor boards, luxurious beds, ensuites and private decks.  Like the other resorts, most of the activities revolve around the water.  If you are going to stay here, their island hopping activity is a must try.

    9. Tawali Leisure and Dive Resort

    Where: Tawali, Milne Bay Province

    Source: Tawali Resort

    It’s hard to go pass Tawali.  Located on a volcanic bluff overlooking the clear protected waters of Milne Bay, Tawali offers travelers a unique location to dive, relax and enjoy the unspoiled wonders of this magnificent part of the world.  It’s a divers paradise.  It’s hard to beat and the staying is even better. Handmade, local styled lodging with picture perfect lookouts of the bay and if you’re lucky you can see a large pod of dolphins jumping each morning.

    10. Nuli Sapi

    Where: Alotau, Milne Bay Province

    Source: Lonely Planet

    Not many people know about this resort which is in a way not such a bad idea.  Lonely Planet described this place as

    But once there, you’ll be awestruck by the setting: Logeia Island in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea, is a pristine area of mountainous, rainforest-covered islands, tiny traditional villages and teeming aquatic life. The bungalows themselves are simple but comfortable and made entirely of bush materials, with a veranda perched over the water.

    Need we say more?


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