Shanniah takes you on a reef tour

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    Dive and adventure tours. 150hp GLASS BOTTOM tour / dive boat.

    Operating from Alotau, Milne Bay Province, the most easterly part of PNG.

    Shanniah Loihai is a Licenced Skipper and has had much experience at sea, even in cyclonic conditions and knows the islands like the back of her hand. The best coral reefs, the plane & ship wreck sites the sandy white palm fringed islands.

    reef-tours-milne-bayAlong with her crew, they work hard to make your vacation a success and an adventure never to be forgotten.

    Reef Tours has its own Hookah Compressed Air system, so no heavy SCUBA gear to carry around. Gives you more time under the water. Have a look at the Marine Charts of the area, just scroll down the page to the end.

    Shanniah is a young woman running her own business and employs local female teenagers.

    Shanniah regularly takes passengers from Cruise ships such as Carnival and P & O on tours of Milne Bay.

    This is an opportunity to experience the best coral reefs, plane & ship wreck dive sites and the sandy white palm fringed islands of Milne Bay with Reef Tours.

    Take a tour on the 150 HP Glass Bottom Boat – the only one of its kind in Milne Bay. Visit coral islands, war wrecks, local villages, trek pristine jungles, camp on deserted coral islands, or stay with friendly locals in villages.

    With over 600 islands, coral reefs, WW2 Ship & Plane wrecks, there is much to explore – let Reef Tours take you you on your next adventure in Milne Bay.

    For bookings or further information email:

    You can find more information about Shanniah and her business Reef Tours on this link,1,2513/reef-tours-milne-bay.html

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