Places worth a visit in the Pacific

  • Sometimes taking time out and out of the country might do you a world of good.  Refresh your mind, experience something new, something different.

    In this posting, we’re going to show you some of the most beautiful places you can visit in the Pacific.

    Thanks to social media networks like Twitter, we’re able to take a look at what some of our friends have been up to and in particular the places that they’ve visited.

    And our first posting is a place that’s not so well known to many of us here in Papua New Guinea but certainly something that could convince us to look more into.

    According to, on the main south coast road you will find the iconic to sua giant swimming hole. A stunning attraction site featuring a unique land formation consisting of two giant holes joined via an ancient lava tube cave. one without water and the other a beautiful 30m deep swimming hole with turquoise water accessed by a ladder. This site also offers lush gardens, day fales with cliff top views, blowholes, sea arches and rock pools to explore.

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