Papua New Guinea makes top 10 “mental vacation” list

  • Credit: Getty Images

    Credit: Getty Images

    As we’re half way through the year, a mid-year break isn’t such a bad idea. The world offers many great places to relax the mind and soul and HLNTV which is a national television network that focuses on the “must-see, must-share” stories of the day has recommended 10 places to go to for your next “mental vacation”.

    According to HLNTV, the top 10 places are “some of the most breathtaking and untouched destinations on Earth. Totally worth blowing through your vacation days, we promise.”.

    The other places that make the list includes: Galapagos Islands, Deception Island, Antartica, Seychelles, Greenland, The Falkland Islands, Sahara Desert, Namib Desert, Daintree National Park near the Great Barrier Reef and Nauru.

    Papua New Guinea makes the list at number 4 and is described as:

    “Southeast Asia’s most mysterious land” by CNN travel reporter Tracy You and with good reason. The island nation doesn’t see a ton of tourists, but the travel experience promises to offer some out-of-this-world views.”

    The article doesn’t provide any more information on what specific areas to go to for that “mental vacation” so we’re going to give you two of the most popular and highly recommended.

    Loloata Island Resort is also on Facebook

    Loloata Island Resort is also on Facebook

    If you’re in Port Moresby and do not want to fly out for that mental vacation, then Loloata Island Resort is a fantastic place. Only a 20 minute or so drive out from Port Moresby will you find peace of mind in the environment. And water activities to make your stay even more wonderful. You can find more information on Loloata Island Resort here.

    The next recommendation is Tufi Dive Resort. Tufi has it all from accommodation, views, culture, water activities, dining and a superb time. No matter which part of the year you go, Tufi never disappoints. You can find more information on Tufi here.

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