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  • Simpson-Harbour

    Rabaul is a popular holiday destination for those who come to visit Papua New Guinea.

    Tour company No Limit Adventures has an unique travel opportunity for those thinking about making the trip to Rabaul happen.  Here’s what they have on offer:

    1. The first day is getting to Rabaul from Port Moresby and settling in.
    2. You get right into the water activities on Day 2 with snorkeling and diving at the nearby Little Pigeon Island. And then there’s the Simpson Harbour Cruise that follows.
    3. Day three gets a little challenging with the trekking of the island’s iconic volcano Mt. Tavurvur. Rabaul is also reknown for the WWII relics and this is the day you can get close to the relics.
    4. Back to Port Moresby.


    Now, the above is only snapshot of what you can expect but there is certainly a whole lot more to Rabaul than what’s written up there.  So, if this itinerary interests you, clock on the following link for more information on the activities, what to pack and more importantly how to book.

    Here’s the link

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