Are Papua New Guinean travellers predictable or adventurous?

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    The typical Papua New Guinea family that travels overseas for a family holiday can either be predictable or adventurous.  Which one best suits your family?

    The most obvious type of travel for the average Papua New Guinean family is that when they’re off on holiday most likely in Australia, they stay with relatives and their relatives pretty much take them to the places that they might enjoy.

    On the other hand, the not so obvious Papua New Guinean family travelling overseas might stay in a motel or hotel and independently find their way through the country they’re visiting.  They might do some research online before hand but it’s mainly a case of adventuring their own way.

    In the case of the former, meeting with relatives means that these relatives want to know more about what’s happening at home as opposed to the visitors wanting to know more about the culture and the people of the country they are visiting.  In other words, their initial experience is more about providing information their host wants to know.  There’s nothing wrong with that but does this not spoil the whole visitor experience.  You know, about getting as much out of the country you’re visiting?  Isn’t that what travelling is about?  Maybe, others define travelling a different way than we do.

    What are some other differences that could define your family as a predictable or adventurous traveller?


    The Predictable Papua New Guinea family will stay with family/relatives.  The Adventurous Papua New Guinea family might stay in a hotel, resort or even a hostel.


    The Predictable Papua New Guinea family tends to be guided by the relatives they are staying with.  But sightseeing, shopping and visiting malls seems to be the widely undertaken activities that we are aware of.

    The Adventurous Papua New Guinea family on the other  hand might take an extra step by visiting theme parks, cycling, going on a short cruise as well as sightseeing, visiting malls and shopping.



    Cost is obviously a big factor between the Predictable and Adventurous.  Yes, it does seem that the Predictable is much cheaper and perhaps more for the average family going on trip.  But that’s not to say that being adventurous will cost you a significant amount.

    Proper research can result in you making most of your travel experience at a lower price.  This comes to our next category: planning.


    Planning for a trip helps a lot in not only getting as much experience from your trip but at a much lower price.

    The Predictable don’t usually plan as their host family will take care of most things during the family’s stay.

    The Adventurous on the other hand will plan in advance and look into a host of things such as accommodation, what to do, what to see, where to eat and so forth.  But then there are other adventure travellers that don’t do much research and take it as it comes.  It’s not recommended but then again, each person/family have their own way of travelling.

    In our view, travelling is about exploring the country you’re visiting.

    The people, the places, the culture and everything about the country you’re visiting contributes in some way to your experience.

    Travel can inspire you to look at things in a different perspective and help you improve your own lifestyle in your home country.

    Many Papua New Guinean family travellers are Predictable.  They have little control of their travel.  They might visit the same destination again and again simply because they have a relative who will host them and it’s cheaper.

    There’s nothing wrong with this.  But what if, you could branch out on your own independently as a family to explore a country with no Papua New Guinea connection and get to know a country better through the people, places, food, music and whatever you are keen on experiencing?

    What if?

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