Air Niugini scores well in airline ratings

  • For its First Class product category, the review highlighted Air Niugini’s “Superior meal/snack service with beverages”.


    Papua New Guinea’s national carrier, Air Niugini, scored well in the recent safety and product rankings published by – a one-stop airline safety and product rating review website.

    Air Niugini scored 5/7 in the safety rankings and an impressive 6/7 in the product rankings.

    For its First Class product category, the review highlighted Air Niugini’s “Superior meal/snack service with beverages”.


    The safety rating for each airline is based on a comprehensive analysis utilising information from the world’s aviation governing body and leading association along with governments and crash data. Each airline has the potential to earn seven stars.

    PNG Air and Travel Air did not feature in the review.

    Looking closely at Air Niugini’s ratings in comparison to other major airlines, Air Niugini has done tremendously well.

    Fiji Airways having undergone an extensive branding exercise recently scored the same as Air Niugini in the safety ratings but fell a point short of Air Niugini’s product scoring 5/7.  This is evident that even if the most extensive branding exercise it’s not only what’s outside that counts but also what’s inside.


    As expected, airlines like Qantas, Ethihad and Air New Zealand obtained excellent service much due to their far more wide and superior service most scoring 7/7 in both categories with extensive positive reviews on the products offered.

    Recent newcomer to the Papua New Guinea airspace, Philippines Airlines, scored a comfortable 6/7 ratings giving the Papua New Guinea market more confidence in flying with this new airline.

    On the product ratings category, Philippines Airlines fell one short of Air Niugini and on par with Fiji Airways.

    The other airline that regularly flies to Port Moresby, Virgin Australia, had a more superior safety rating scoring 7/7 while its product rating was on par with Air Niugini at 6/7.  Note that Virgin Australia offers a more budget level service for the Brisbane/Port Moresby route and does not offer a full service.

    The only other Pacific nation to feature in the “Full Service” category of the ratings along with the above airlines was Air Vanuatu.  Air Vanuatu scored 4/7 in both safety and product rankings.

    You can see the full ratings here as well as the criteria used in these ratings

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