Rocks pose danger on Poreporena Freeway

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    Selling of rocks alongside the Poreporena Freeway has turned out to be a lucrative business especially for those residing in the Konedobu/Ranuguri area.  With the building constructions continuing in the city, this grassroots industry will continue to thrive.  But as you will read below, some sellers are going a bit too far that their wares are posing a real danger to both pedestrians and motorists.

    In the past, sellers have placed their rocks about 10 or so meters away from the road.  They’re still visible but well clear from intruding motorists and pedestrians alike.  As the selling of rocks gets more competitive, new sellers are springing up here and there and to get noticed ahead of the pack, they’re placing their rocks on the footpath.

    Placing these rocks on the footpath is clearly very dangerous.  By law, footpaths should be clear of any intrusion but some of the rocks being placed on the footpath along Poreporena Freeway are placed right in the middle of the footpath.  In fact, some of the piles are so big the footpath is literally blocked.

    The risk of an accident happening is very high.  Firstly, because the rocks are piled in a pyramid type shape with only the rocks holding onto themselves.  Secondly, if one of the rocks gives way, the others are likely to tumble down and if this happens, there’s no doubt some of the rocks will spill onto the road.  For motorists driving at 50km/h and above the danger is real and an accident is inevitable.

    The irony to this situation is this.  About 50 or so meters up the road at the top of the Freeway, the road safety officers and the police conduct regular safety sticker checks.  One would think that on driving up the road to set up the road blocks, these pile of rocks should be removed for safety reasons.  Unless the officers parachute down onto the top of the Freeway, it’s hard to understand why they’re unable to remove these rocks.

    If anyone from the transport department or road safety authority is reading this, your inaction is contributing to the risk of an accident.  Are safety stickers more important than this?

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