Baruni back road in pictures

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    New road in red

    You might have heard of the Baruni road that goes from the Gerehu roundabout to Baruni village.  It’s not one of those popular roads that motorists want to use simply because of security reasons.

    Since last year, the city authority had contracted a third party to not only upgrade the existing road but create another road that diverts towards the Kanudi station.  This new road has been completed and it looks impressive.


    Starting point from Waigani Road/Gerehu Roundabout

    In order to create this new road, settlers within the designated area were evicted and a couple of hills were dissected to allow for this new road.

    The road has street lights on either side making the area more visible than before.

    Motorists will also be pleased that the road doesn’t go through Baruni village as there have been instances where aggrieved villagers have blocked the road causing road users to use the back road.

    The new road also cuts down the time for Gerehu residents to get to Town.

    Here are some photos of the road taken recently.

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