We Love Sam Thaiday BUT…

  • Former Brisbane Broncos star forward Sam Thaiday was here last week to launch the Eastern Highlands Rugby League tournament.  Unsurprisingly, Thaiday got a rousing welcome wherever he went.

    Post Courier reported that Vice Sports Minister Wesley Raminai and the Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke were expected to accompany Thaiday to Goroka for the launch of the Eastern Highlands Super 8s rugby league tournament.

    Thaiday was reported to have said that through sports he will be able to share his knowledge and advise young players and the community to be good citizens in the community.  He further added that his talks will also be based on education and about living healthy lifestyles in the community, especially on self-discipline because through sports there are a lot of opportunities ahead.

    Interestingly, the former Australian forward took to twitter and posted a tweet that caught many by surprise.  Here’s the tweet:

    So it seems that Thaiday may have been here along with Mayur Resources a company that intends to build a coal mine and power plant in PNG.

    It didn’t take very long after the tweet for coal advocate Nogat Coal PNG to respond to the tweet:

    Sam we always liked you as a player but this isn’t a game anymore. Mayur Resources want to build a coal mine and power plant in The pollution from this coal plant will cause harm and death to local communities. Is that what you are here supporting? We don’t think it’s good

    Another twitter didn’t mince his words:

    F-off Mayur Resources, get your dirty coal business elsewhere but PNG. Mayur Resources pay you in your retirement to come to PNG, use rugby league as a vehicle to push Mayur dirty business…shame on you. Exploitation of black people.

    Chris Lam a young promising entrepreneur joined in:

    thanks for blinding our locals with Mayur Resources. PNG doesn’t need their mine. And I can’t look up to you anymore. Shame.

    While those who supported Sam on Twitter were thankful of his presence in launching a grassroots competition, it was more the association with Mayur that raised the ire of locals on Twitter.


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