PHA Signs as Major Sponsor for Kumuls

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PNG Health Assurance Company Limited (PHA) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL) as a major sponsor of the PNG LNG Kumuls for the next five (5) years.

PNGRFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka said this was the first time an Insurance company has come on board as a partner to the PNG LNG Kumuls.

“The signing of this MOU with PHA as major sponsors of the PNG LNG Kumuls is a milestone as we prepare our best team for the RLWC in 2021 in England,” Tsaka said.    He said an official contract which will contain the details of this major sponsorship to the PNG LNG Kumuls and a partnership with the PNGRFL will be signed next month.

PNGRFL CEO Reatau Rau said the PHA partnership with the PNG LNG Kumuls came as a result of the recently concluded APEC meeting in Port Moresby.

“The PNG LNG Kumuls carried the APEC logo on its jerseys at all its international matches during 2018,” Rau said. “This was PNGRFL’s contribution towards promoting this very important meeting in PNG to the world.”

“The consultation with PHA started during the APEC CEOs meeting and this partnership can be seen as a benefit of APEC to the sport of rugby league and people of PNG,” Rau said.

PHA Executive Director Pradeep Soni said we see this partnership as a combination of the power of sports with insurance that has the ability to transform the daily lives of PNG citizens. We value being a major sponsor of the Kumuls and the number one sport of PNG, fitting in well with our aspirational goal of being the number one insurer in PNG within the next two years.

This partnership came about as a direct result of a meeting at the APEC CEO summit with CEO Mr Reatau and the investors of PHA, culminating in the signing of the MOU today.

PHA is a general insurer focused on health care, personal accident and workers compensation products and after signing of the formal agreement at the end of February 2019, PHA would become the number one insurance Partner of the PNGRFL

PHA expresses its gratitude to PM O’Neill and his government for creating an investor friendly environment resulting in PHA investing significantly in the future of PNG.

PHA will continue to work with the existing sponsors of the PNGRFL to move Rugby Football League forward in PNG.

Source : PNGRFL