10 magical moments of the XV Pacific Games

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    Like any event, there are going to be positive and negative moments.  The Pacific Games though brought thousands of athletes to the shores of Papua New Guinea and at the conclusion of the Games it seems the positive memories will be the most memorable ones and certainly will last for a life time for many.

    Our top 10 memorable moments actually started well before the Duke of York Prince Andrew officially opened the Pacific Games.  Team Tuvalu embarked on an arduous journey by sea, by road and then by air to make it to the Games on time.

    And as the Tuvaluans got into their opening ceremony attire high up in the skies, little did they know that they were to not only receive a rousing welcome but also to experience a magnificent opening ceremony show piece filled with wide and vibrant colours of the host country’s culture.

    Those who attended the opening ceremony had seen nothing like it.  Even Prince Andrew would have been awestruck by the colour, the sound and the entire atmosphere that portrayed Papua New Guinea’s true colours.

    But that was only the start of many more memorable moments to come in the next 13 or so days.  Here are our top 10 memorable moments of the XV Pacific Games in Port Moresby.

    1. Tuvaluans arduous journey to the Pacific Game in Port Moresby
    2. Spectacular Opening Ceremony
    3. Kari conquers dome. He was the man of the moment. When he lifted 204kgs to win gold, his Hanuabada home crowd erupted with one of the most patriotic songs in the country.
    4. Blind lifter – a disability is just that, a disability. But others aren’t set back with their disability and they become inspirational in every sense of the word.  That’s what Australian blind lifter Malek Chamoun struck gold in the men’s up-to-85kg weightlifting event. His performance alone brought inspiration and to win gold is just incredible.
    5. Tuvalu’s first medal Gold – Poor training facilities, unqualified trainers and not to mention the road to get to the Games makes winning a medal, let alone Gold, very challenging. Telupe Iosefa etched his name into the history books as he became Tuvalu’s first-ever Pacific Games gold medallist with victory in the men’s 120 kilograms powerlifting event.
    6. The dancing weightlifter from Kiribati – it wasn’t all serious, all grunting and stuff. An achievement, brought smiles. The Kiribati weightlifter David Katoatau topped it up with some dancing moves never seen before in a Pacific Games weightlifting competition.
    7. Wisil on track – Many hear about Toea Wisil and how she first started running on bare foot to become a champion sprinter. She received a rousing welcome in her first event at the BSP Stadium. This was the first time many would watch her live rather than in a BSP advertisement.  And then there was gold, gold and more gold.

      Pic @Port Moresby 2015

    8. Pepe’s performance – Despite many critics about the selection and their recent performance, the Pepes came out shining.  Their win over Samoa was a memorable one considering that Samoa has made it into the World Cup tournament in Australia.  PNG did well to make the Gold playoff against Fiji who proved just too classy. But still, netball in PNG is looking more promising than ever. With a revamped Rita Flynn courts ready to be used, Fiji watch out.
    9. Fiji 7’s arriving – for many rugby fans, watching the Fiji 7’s rugby team play was a dream. The World Champions in 7’s made it all too easy to win gold.
    10. Pini’s 7 Gold medals – from semi-retirement to standing on the podium 7+ times.  Ryan Pini is a legend.
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