Top Five Dive Sites near Port Moresby

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    Beyond the urban sprawl of Papua New Guinea’s capital of Port Moresby lies an incredible underwater world of paradisiacal proportions.

    All it takes to experience this wondrous world is the eagerness to explore and a choice diving tour operator like The Dive Centre.

    Below is a list of top five (5) exceptional dive sites that all visiting and resident divers must experience while in Port Moresby:


    MV Pacific Gas

    This scuttled shipwreck sits beautifully at a depth of 43 metres on Horseshoe Reef, at the edge of Bootless Bay.  It’s been described by many as one of the most photogenic wrecks in PNG because it remains largely intact with a large variety of resident life – from soft corals, litters of marine critters to shoals of schooling jacks, snappers and sweetlips either attached, hovering or swirling about its 63 metre long frame.

    Pumpkin Patch

    This delightful series of coral formations support an abundant assortment of life at 6 to 10 metres.  Soft corals, black corals, staghorn corals, plate corals as well as stunning gorgonian fans all provide the perfect backdrop for underwater photography.  Grey nurse sharks on reef patrol frequent the colourful coral gardens keeping in order unruly groups of schooling fish.  The formidable-looking nurse sharks are quite docile and pose no threat to marine creatures like the Homo sapien aquaticus.

    End Bommie

    End Bommie is home to the star attraction – the lethally stunning rhinopias or merletts scorpionfish. Together with its cousin the crocodile flathead – another interesting End Bommie attraction, the rhinopias continues to fascinate divers with its unique tasselled form.   At a depth range of 6 to 20 metres the End Bommie’s nutrient-rich current attracts a massive array of fish life that is sure to leave any diver exploring this incredible site in complete awe.

    Suzie’s Bommie

    This place is magical! At 13 to 15 metres this pristine coral reef garden is an aquatic masterpiece of colour spread out over 20 metres.  Suzie’s Bommie creature feature includes firefish, surgeonfish, mangrove jacks, snappers, trevally, bannerfish, porcupinefish, batfish, morays, gorgonias, soft corals, hard corals, nudi branches, starfish, and so much more – all of them appearing at some point during your dive time either fast, slow or stationary reminding you that the wondrous ocean is where life truly began.

    Eastern Fields

    Eastern Fields should be on every seasoned diver’s bucket list.  This enchanting site is 90 nautical miles from Port Moresby and takes you into the reaches of the Coral Sea to a massive coral shoal reef system more than 600 square kilometres wide.  This reef system is broad and far enough to host larger marine life like mantas, sharks, dolphins, turtles, Dog Tooth tuna, mackerel and the list goes on.  The visibility here can be so good to depths of 50 metres that any diver would find this place to be a mecca for underwater photography.  More than 95% of the Eastern Fields remain unexplored – now this is truly the final frontier.

    Above: A Rhinopias at End’s Bommie. Image courtesy of The Dive Centre

    Above: A Rhinopias at End’s Bommie. Image courtesy of The Dive Centre

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