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    As PNG’s nambawan real estate portal grows in popularity, it is important to understand the service provided by so that you do not get a misunderstanding of the services offered and make the most the features on the site.

    1. is a real estate agent.
      False. is a real estate portal and is therefore not a real estate agent. It is an effective communication tool for real estate agents to reach potential property buyers and tenants and likewise for potential buyers and tenants to search for current listings provided by real estate agents.
    2. charges property hunters for the use of their service.
      False. One of the fantastic things about is that it is FREE to access. does not charge you a dime to access their website, let alone search for properties registered with it.
    3. sets the prices of properties on its website.
      False. All prices of properties whether for sale or rent is set by the owners of the properties. does not play a role in price setting of properties.
    4. arranges home inspections.
      False. Home inspections are conducted by real estate agents.  Contact details of the agent are provided in the listings and only notifies or refers your enquiry to the property agent and the property agent is expected to promptly attend to your request for inspection.
    5. offers home loan packages.
      False. is a real estate portal.  However, it has teamed up with Bank South Pacific so that those interested in seeking home finance can contact BSP directly for their home loan packages.
    6. All properties listed are located only in Port Moresby.
      False. doesn’t just look at Port Moresby alone because its visitors are far and wide. However, the listings are dependent on what agents provide.
    7. does not list properties outside of PNG
      False. The great thing about is that it understands its visitors and aims to provide as much opportunities as it can for homebuyers as well as investors.  That is why it now has an International section catering for those interested in investing in properties in Australia and Fiji. Check it out here.
    8.  Searching on is limited to location.
      False. This is completely untrue. has fantastic features that lets you search by location, price, number of bedrooms or even property type.  Completing as much information on the search facility gives you the closest results relevant to your query.
    9. is only open during business hours
      False.  Hey, this is an online portal that’s open every day, 24 hours a day.  Access as late as 11pm or as early 6am the site is accessible anywhere, anytime.
    10. You only find new listings when you log in.
      False.  If you want to keep up to date with the properties you’re after, register with their email alert facility and you’ll be notified as soon as something that fits your criteria is listed.

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