Lights on at APEC Haus

  • Earlier this week the construction company responsible for building the unique APEC Haus tested the lights and the results as shown in the pics below are amazing.

    Special thanks to Jim Fitzpatrick of Him Fitzpatrick Architects for allowing us to share these brilliant photos of a building that will surely get the attention of those visiting in November.

    Jim is the mastermind architect behind APEC Haus. In 2016, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neil approached Jim to come up with a concept for building that would play a central part during PNG’s hosting of the APEC meet in November 2018.

    According to Jim, the importance of international trade negotiations – already robust within PNG – formed the basis of the architecture of APEC Haus. JFA responded with an architectural language based on the strong cultural symbolism evident in the traditional hiri trade of the Motu-Koita culture. The dominant sculptural roof form and the central public art piece are contemporary references to the unique crab-claw shape sails found on traditional motuan ‘lakatoi’ (lagatoi) boat used during trade journeys. JFA also references customary lakatoi tattoo markings in patterning throughout the building as motifs within sustainably farmed Papua New Guinea timbers.

    Day or night, this unique building will no doubt be a central talking point for both locals and visitors alike.

    Well done Jim.

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