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Helping You Buy A Home At Edai

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Buying a home is no walk in the park.  There are so many things involved in the whole process, many buyers do not have the knowledge nor the experience to undertake all the requirements and finally open the door to their new home.

Legal jargon, finance jargon and what not, we’re not expected to know everything.  But then, who do we get all this help from?

Many PNG buyers tend to lay all their trust to the developer, the real estate agent and the banks. What they don’t know about these people is that they have their own interests to protect.  In short, they’re their to sell. That’s their bottom line.

You, on the other hand, get everything thrown at you to consider. Some information suit your interest and some don’t.  What you need is someone who can take you through the entire process serving your interest. Not the banks, not the agent but YOU!

Please do keep this in mind when you deal with all these stakeholders. They want your money so you should think about everything thrown at you very carefully and do not believe everything they say.

Here at Skerah, we’ve managed to partner with a number of consultants who can show you the real estate opportunities on offer, help you through the finance, the insurance and even the legal stuff so ultimately all the advice given to you is in your interest.

The Edai Town is a fantastic property development in a very pleasant environment.  The amenities a broadening up and people are rushing there to see what all the buzz is about.  For more information, on Edai Town and the FREE preliminary consultancy email us on