Ela Beach saved

  • Update: 25/09/2015 : Just an update on the article below, we’ve come across a plan of the developments to take place at Ela Beach.  Not sure of the genuineness of the plan but most certainly interest developments if it comes to fruition.  A lot of public amenities on the plan and expected time of construction is early 2017.


    Since the Minister for Sports, Hon. Justin Tkatchenko, posted on Facebook about his disappointment that a portion of Ela Beach has been leased to a private company, there has been a large outcry by the general public demanding that the lease to this company be cancelled.  You can see the post here:

    This portion of land, beach and sea at Ela Beach is now private property under a private company title.Ela Beach is for…

    Posted by Hon Justin Tkatchenko MP on Thursday, 3 September 2015

    In a turn of events, the Minister published on Thursday a gazette showing the revocation of the lease.

    THANK YOU Lands Minister and Secretary “Ela Beach SAVED” The Grant of a Title for Ela Beach has been extinguish. The…

    Posted by Hon Justin Tkatchenko MP on Wednesday, 9 September 2015

    The developments are certainly interesting and also ironic. This is because several days after the Minister for Sports raised concerns over the granting of the lease, the Minister for Lands came out in the media defending the actions of the granting of the lease to the private company. The Minister for Lands in his interview to the media mentioned that the process followed was extensive and the process actually started in 2009. In the report to the media (Post Courier), the Minister for Lands also mentioned that there had been consultation with the relevant land boards.

    Several days later, we have a gazette revoking the lease. The revocation will certainly be a welcome relief to the public but one thing for certain is that NCDC must now develop this land for the betterment of the people. Leaving it idle will possibly result in a similar situation.

    Oh well, it’s good to have Ela Beach back but authorities need to develop this land sooner rather than later for the public to use.

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