Independence Street Sales


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    As a lead up to the country’s 41st Independence celebrations, street vendors have now taken to the streets of Port Moresby to sell their goodies of flags and merchandise with the colors of the national flag; black, white, red and yellow.

    A good number of young boys are being seen walking around, some standing at traffic lights along the Waigani drive and bus stops and main markets areas giving the opportunity to commuters a chance to buy a flag for K2 and K5 each.

    Spotted along the Waigani Traffic lights outside Vision City was 17 year old Joe from Six Mile.

    Joe says because the country’s independence day is around the corner, him and some of his friends have bought their flags in bulks at whole sale shops and have split up to different locations in the city to sell them.

    06AK Independence street sales (2)

    “Displa em blo mekim ol man meri rere lo Independence dei blo kantri blo yumi,” (This is to make everyone ready for Independence) Joe says.

    He adds that they are giving an opportunity to the general public to purchase whatever they can get now so they don’t have to rush to stores and stand in long lines to get their flags.

    Joe says his flags are going for K2 for the smaller size flags and K5 for the medium size one adding that he is not only selling the PNG flags but provincial flags as well.

    You can find him and several of his friends standing along the traffic lights all the way to the tunneled roundabout at Waigani Central selling their flags and other independence merchandise.

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