High Powered Boats to Dinghy

  • Yesterday was an eventful day at the Waterfront here in Port Moresby.

    High powered boats motored by 300 horsepower motors splashing on Fairfax Harbour in the morning followed by two fighter jets weaving their magic in the skies much to the amazement of residents in Port Moresby who have never seen anything like that nor heard anything as loud as the the thundering noises coming from these jets.

    This morning though, it was a completely different story from yesterday.

    Passengers in a local dinghy must have had problems along the way with their Yamaha 40 horsepower motor.  As the photos show, one of the men in the dinghy was paddling to take the dinghy ashore.

    It’s a “no-go” zone in this area as Police are expected to heavily patrol this area for PNG’s biggest ever event – APEC!

    Thankfully, guards manning the wharf helped them out in directing them to a designated area within the harbour.

    Many areas are “off-limits” leading up to and during APEC.  Even drones have been banned at least for this month as Papua New Guinea plays host for the 2018 APEC Summit.

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