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Suspension of Migration Service Agents

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The Office of the Chief Migration Officer in a public notice recently announced that the  suspending the services of all Migration Service Agents from lodging applications for visa, passport and citizenship at Central Government Office.  Effectively, those intending to lodge these applications will have to do so personally.

This suspension is effective as of Friday 1 June 2018 for an indefinite period.  During this time it is expected that the Office will put in place a policy and process to register, regulate and monitor all Migration Service Agents or businesses involved in providing migration services before the suspension is lifted.

The notice further urges all recognized and registered Migration Service Agents and companies engaged in human resource services in the country to urgently commence registration of their companies with ICA.

Documents and information required for registration include company name, business location, contact addresses including the IPA registration and certification papers and the IRC taxation number. A Registration Form can be obtained from ICA website:

Freelance agents have been banned from lodging any applications for visa, passport or citizenship and have been advised to register with IPA to undergo similar processes as those legally existing registered companies.

Only those companies endorsed by the Chief Migration Officer will continue to provide their services pending a Migration Service Agent Policy to be in place.

For those collecting PNG visas and passports on behalf of a passport holder, the applicant is required to authorise the person who will be collecting their passport with a Consent Form and to produce an Identification Card before a travel document can be released. This Consent Form is also available on our website.

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