New visa class and revised migration fees

  • The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Hon. Rimbink Pato, announced a recent decision by Cabinet for the creation of the New Visa Class  entitled  Designated Event Visa.

    According to a Media release posted on the Department of Immigration website, the new visa class is for those foreigners visiting Papua New Guinea for a specific event in the country.  That event, however, must be one approved by the National Executive Council.

    It’s not exactly known the reason for this new visa class but given the string of events being held in the city and the bureaucratic hurdle that most visitors have faced in entering the country for a major event, this visa class could possibly be a ticket to overcoming those hurdles.

    Migration fees are also expected to increase according to the media release.  Administrative fees by overseas missions as well as passport renewals are expected to increase.  How much they will increase by is unknown but it seems a little unfair considering that it was only a couple of years ago these fees were increased.

    Papua New Guinea passport holders will certainly raise their disapproval at the new fees regardless of the level of increase.

    Finally, there will also be penalties for airlines not complying with their obligations under the Migration Act.  One would think that there are already penalties in the legislation for any non-compliance with any provision of the Act but on the face of it, this new penalty might be specifically related to safeguard a particular situation not previously included in the legislation prior to this amendment.

    We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this new fees, but you can download the media release here

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