The tool that can make crab eating a little less messy

  • We love crabs and we know you do too.  There is never any shortage of crabs (in particular mud crabs) in Papua New Guinea.

    If you ever drive along Champion Parade in Port Moresby in the afternoon, you won’t miss a couple of guys carrying crabs and lobsters selling them. 

    If you do buy them and don’t know how to cook it or would like to try something mouth-watering but simple and doesn’t require a lot of preparation you might try this local style dish.

    The pic above looks inviting doesn’t it!

    It’s quite simple.  Once you’ve bought the crabs, give them a wash-down to clean them up as they’ll have a bit of mud here and there.

    Put the crabs in a pot with a bit of water and let it boil.  Boil it until the shell on the crabs turn to a reddish colour.  That’s the crab done.

    As a side dish, grab any chinese cabbage like Pok choi and stir fry them in a wok or a frying.  To add flavour add a bit of Oyster sauce mix around a bit until the sauce has blended well with the cabbages and the oil.  

    That’s it, pretty simple and there’s really no instructions on how to eat!

    Oh, and it can get a little messy when eating these crabs so here’s a tool that might just come handy when clawing into this delicacy.

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