Cuppa turning out to be a hot favourite for a cuppa

  • The Cuppa interior

    Since the arrival of Duffy at their Gordons branch in Port Moresby, having coffee isn’t quite the same anymore.  It’s more special now, don’t you think?

    Well, truth be told, there’s another joint creeping into the cafeteria business and they are gradually become a favorite among many of us who like a hot cup of coffee in a more relaxing and trendy environment.

    The Cuppa at Vision City Mall is getting rave reviews from patrons and it’s not hard to see why.  The interior is immaculate and the setting certainly provides a more relaxing environment.

    It’s ideally located in the extended shopping area in the mall just opposite the Brian Bell Homecentre.

    500 gram T-Bone Steak

    There’s a choice of food on the menu from burgers, the traditional fish and chips and the T-Bone.  The T-Bone deserves a special mention because the 500gram T-Bone they serve here at the Cuppa is no small steak.  Served with chips and your choice of sauce, you’ll be served a whole heap of protein and to add to all this flavour, you get a complementary glass of wine.  All this for K90.  It’s value for money by Port Moresby standards and whoever is behind cooking this monster of a steak certainly does a good job of it.  Much better than the steak you get served at one of those fancy hotels in the city and cheaper too.

    In terms of food, Cuppa has more of a variety unlike Duffy’s which predominantly sells pastry, bread, cakes and all that sort of stuff.  Cuppa is a little more cheaper too although Duffy certainly does a better job with the coffee than Cuppa.

    A cuppaccino at the Cuppa

    The only reservation we have about the place is the temperature in the cafeteria because it’s freezing cold.  Not sure whether this is intentional as in to make you freeze so that you can have a hot cup of coffee but it’s certainly too cold for our liking.

    So if you ever head towards Vision City and after doing all your shopping whether it be window shopping or otherwise, heading to Cuppa isn’t such a bad idea to wind down on your shopping expedition at Vision City.

    And the service at Cuppa is fantastic.  Lovely helpful girls all with a smile to make your experience a pleasant one.

    Stuffed Fish with Prawms


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