The things you can do in Port Moresby

  • Port Moresby will be the centre of attention in the Pacific as it hosts the 2015 Pacific Games. And over the next few months we will be publishing some handy information for the athletes and officials visiting the country for the Games.

    Our partner Bank South Pacific is the official sponsor of the Games and we’re delighted to be associated with a  company that’s promoting a very important event in the Pacific. For that reason as well as our love for sports we want to welcome our Pacific brothers and sisters and help them get a preview of what to expect and how to utilise their time here by making the most of what Port Moresby offers.

    As a start, we’ve listed below some of the activities or attractions visitors might consider doing during their  free time. Each activity offers a unqie experience and you can choose the activities depending on your mood or interest.

    1. Craft market

    If you’re looking for something unique to take home apart from the memories of the Pacific Games in Port Moresby, the best souvenirs in Papua New Guinea are sold at the craft markets.

    The markets are held on Saturday mornings and there are three main craft markets:

    Ela Beach Craft market;

    Moresby Arts Theatre; and

    Holiday Inn.

    The markets are held once a month and depending on the time that you’re here, you can go to one of these.  Check out the dates on when these are held here.

    2. Adventure park

    Adventure Park will certainly be a great place to relax either before or after your event.  Whether it is to relax the muscles in the green surroundings of the park or to take your mind away from your upcoming event, activities like water sliding, fishing, boating or just relaxing on the green grass beside the lake are great “to do” options.  And if you happen to have won a gold medal, then celebrating with a barbecue using the park facilities is not such a bad idea.

    Don’t forget to make your way to see the crocs but don’t get too close – you want to head back to your home country in one piece!

    3. Paradise Cinema

    Want to watch the latest movies on the big screen? Not a problem.  Port Moresby has two cinemas both called Paradise Cinema. One is located at Vision City while the other isn’t too far away at the new Waigani Central Shopping Complex.  To see what’s on, you can check their website out on

    4. Nature park

    If Adventure Park is a little to adventurous for you, then Nature Park is your other option.  The atmosphere is tropical and ideal for relaxation.  And while in the relaxing mood, Nature Park has some of the most unique animals you will find in the country.  Stroll around the park and have look at the animals there as well as the unique flora and fauna.

    Nature Park is one of the leading attractions in Port Moresby as per TripAdvisor so it’s worth it.

    5. Waigani Shopping Complex

    It’s the latest shopping centre in Port Moresby.  The Stop n Shop supermarket offers a variety grocery goods as well as local fresh fruits and vegetables.  There is a hardware store as well as a Eagle Boys pizza in the same premises.  There’s more shops opening soon so keep an eye out here for updates.  Paradise Cinema is located here too.

    6. Sunset

    One of the best ways to relax the mind and muscle is to observe nature in cool surroundings.  Port Moresby sunsets are stunning and if you happen to make your way down to the Waterfront at around 6.30pm to 7pm you will witness and absorb the beauty of a Port Moresby sunset.

    7. Cosmo

    If you’re in the party mood, Port Moresby’s superclub The Cosmopolitan is the best choice.  The club is open throughout the week and weekends and there is always something happening there.  Friday and Saturday nights are the best with guest DJ’s and artists taking the stage to entertain the crowd.  As we head towards the Pacific Games period, we will post here some of the major events happening at the Cosmo.

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