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The Pride of Papua New Guinea In Flames

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The sight of Papua New Guinea’s flag carrier anywhere around the world is a sight to behold. It reminds us of our motherland, it reminds us of how much pride we have on being Papua New Guinean.

The sight of P2-ANX in flames is like burning our soul. It hurts so much, it’s embarrassing to even think that someone would think about doing any harm to it no matter how minor the harm.

Air Niugini since it graced the skies has an impeccable record in terms of safety and security of those who board it. It boggles the mind to even think that an asset so important to our safety up in the skies wasn’t even protected while at rest in the hangars at Mendi.

The painful images circulating on social media are difficult to absorb. Quite the contrary, it fuels anger and shame that we were not able to afford the same level of safety on ground as it does for us off it.

The scene was already set for a hostile reaction to a court decision either way the decision went. But no one thought that the unthinkable would happen.

What did the Dash 8 do to the disgruntled supporters to make them think of the extreme. What role did the pride of PNG play in the decision making process of the Courts. What wrong was done?

Take a good look at the image, it almost feels as if a human is being burnt. You can hear her cry, you can visualize the pain and agony. Crying out to save her but we can do nothing but to imagine only the remains of her demise. The thought of not being able to save her pains but it also makes one guilty.

Some have raised there anger of the lack of respect for public property but this is more than public property. It’s more than public property because each one of us has a personal connection to it. Not only has it taken us from all corners of this great country, it has ensured that we arrive at our intended destination safely.

You just wish it was a bad dream. You just wish.

Despicable act Mendi.