Papua New Guinea makes list of 2015 Best Holiday Destinations

  • David Kirkland Photography

    David Kirkland Photography

    Despite the not so positive news that props up regularly on the front page of both dailies, it’s a pleasant surprise to see Papua New Guinea make the list of top 20 must-see places travellers are raving about.  And these travellers aren’t just raving about it they’re urging you to book quickly or you’ll miss out.

    The Australian based Herald rankings is based on Australians love of discovering off-the-beaten-track destinations and Carnival Australia CEO Ann Sherry believes Madang in Papua New Guinea will be the next hot spot. P&O Cruises will begin sailing there in 2015.

    The Herald further adds:

    On the coast in an area dotted with islands, Madang has a beautiful harbour. Visitors can see the fascinating tradition of the Goroka mud men and local sing-sing of highland tribes, and enjoy amazing diving and snorkelling. “The visibility is superb. It really is another world, right on our doorstep,” Sherry says. “So much of the South Pacific region is still remote and unknown to Australians.”

    Making the top 20 also is Turkey, Phillipines, US, Norway, Cuba, Romania, Mekong River, Tasmania, Coobe Perdy, India, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Japan, New Caledonia, Columbia, South West Australia, Canberra, Auckland and Montenegro.

    New Caledonia

    Interesting omissions from the Pacific as far as we can see is Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Island and Western Samoa.

    You can see the full report here  


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