No Not The Spice Girls But The SP Girls

  • Isn’t it a great feeling to see pics of the past.  Brings back a lot of memories don’t they.

    Well, these aren’t the Spice Girls but the SP Girls from SP Brewery when it was operating from the initial headquarters at Badili.

    If you can recognize any of them, tag them on the Comment below.

    The photo is taken from James Sinclair’s “South Pacific Brewery – The First Thirty Years”.

    Anyway here are the names:

    Top Left to Right: Maria Kaerai, Olive Tabu, Hemyln Ila, Kara Morea, Bernadett Chakumai, Derry Willie

    Bottom Left to right – Regina Lilywhite, Mitty toa, Imorea Sariman, Leva Bingeding, Loa Arua

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