Logging Camp Larger Than Lae

  • Danny Tokunai going by the username Tavurvur on Twitter usually tweets interesting material.  His latest find on Google Maps is not only interesting but raises curiosity.

    If you go to Google Maps and type the following coordinates -3.9128578, 141.1535158 you will see a large patch of brown area surrounded by what appears to be green forests.  It seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere and looks rather landlocked.

    The Green River runs past it.

    This area is located in West Sepik Province and in close proximity to the border.

    What is even more interesting according to Tavurvur is that the large piece of land (appearing in brown colour) is in fact a logging camp.  A camp much bigger than the size of the City of Lae.

    What we want to know is who is operating it?  And which landowners are actually benefiting from it.

    The large piece of land that covers the camp obviously indicates that the operators have been there for quite some time but if they haven’t the rate of chopping down the forests there is quite alarming.

    If you know anything about it, give us a buzz!

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