Chop chop chop down you go at Ela Beach

  • Updated: 2 March 2017

    One of the most scenic views in Port Moresby is driving along Ela Beach.  Obviously, times have changed and while there’s been a serious litter problem in this area, the beach still reminds us of how valuable and priceless it is to Port Moresby.  The trees along Ela Beach give it that natural feel and adds to the beauty of it.

    So you can imagine how surprised and saddened you would be driving along the historical “Era Kone” only to find those tall trees being given the chop.  It not only hurts the eyes, it hurts the heart too.

    The trees along the beach are being given the chop in the name of development.  Ela Beach is being given a complete makeover. We’ve sighted the plans and admittedly they  look exciting – nothing like you’ve seen in the city or anywhere else in the country.  But could the developers have worked around these historical trees to maintain their life, maintain the look of the beach and certainly preserve the environment.

    Obviously, some conservationists will be crying out at the sight of these chopped trees but according to social media postings the good Governor of the nations capital has said that an environmental report was considered first prior to undertaking the “chopping” exercise.

    Most of you who were around in the 70’s and 80’s will recall how beautiful and clean Ela Beach was.  School students from nearby schools would rush off to the beach after school and spend the afternoon swimming and splashing around.  There was so much life and fun in the beach.

    White sandy beach, clear blue sea, cleanliness and many people just minding their own business and appreciating Port Moresby iconic attraction, Ela Beach offered so much to the residents. There were hardly any betelnut sellers or any street sellers to be seen in those days because people tended to have a lot more respect for each other and even more for the environment around us.

    The Port Moresby sun was hot. The atmosphere, humid.  And the trees gave us the shade, and the comfort to feel the cool Ela Beach breeze blowing into the face.

    Despite what’s happened, let’s see what the development offers for us.


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