The Item you need to Enjoy Hands-free Inflight Entertainment Experience

  • The smartphone is our constant companion used for everything from reading books or news while eating breakfast to watching movies on long flights.  Using it lying down doesn’t really provide the best of experiences.

    Every time I board a Virgin Blue flight from Port Moresby to Brisbane I get this frustrating experience when I try to access their in-flight entertainment on my smartphone.  The entertainment service itself isn’t a problem. Actually, the service is fantastic.

    The problem is holding your smartphone during the entire duration of the movie you’re watching.  Of course you can place the smartphone on the tray before you but you either still have to hold it or if you place something at the back of it for it to stay upright, it doesn’t take long before it starts sliding down.

    Obviously, this isn’t a problem that’s going to be discussed in the coming APEC 2018 meeting here in Port Moresby but it’s certainly annoying and frustrating when you’re up in there with nothing much else to do.

    So I’ve been doing a little hunting around to see if there is anything in the market that can enable you to enjoy watching a movie or reading  a book on your smartphone – “hands-free”.

    And it looks like my problem has just been solved with this “suction cup phone holder”.

    Basically, you attach the holder at the back of your smartphone and place it on the tray (or whatever other platform) in-front of you.  No need to hold smartphone or be alert in case the phone slides down.

    The holder measures 8cm by 2cm which is small enough to place it in your pocket and carry around with you.

    The holder is made of silicon and steel so suction won’t be a problem and it’ll be more secure and stable.

    Just bought myself one and loving it.  It doesn’t have to be used solely for in-flight entertainment it can be used anywhere you want. No need to hold your smartphone and no more tiring arms.

    Want to buy one? Buy it from where I bought mine. Click here.


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