Port Moresby’s “All you can eat” restaurant

  • Apart from the usual Buffet style dining at the hotels, there really isn’t a restaurant in Port Moresby that offers that “all you can eat” style dining.  Well, that’s just changed and the new restaurant will certainly be a hit for Port Moresby residents who not only want to have a delicious and sumptuous meal but also as much as they can have to fill every gap in the tummy.

    Sizzlers Family Restaurant opened its doors to diners last month and the response to date has been positive.

    You have a wide choice of grills to choose from. From a huge 350g rump steak, steak and Malibu chicken to Char grilled pork cutlets it’s going to take a while for you to decide which one to dig into.

    With all grills, the Sizzler Salad Bar is included.  But it’s just just a salad bar as we found out.  The bar is extensive from salads, soups, desserts to drinks.  All this are “all you can eat”.

    The other great thing about this restaurant is that the prices are reasonable. The grills cost between K50 to K80 so it’s not such a bad deal when you compare this with the restaurant style buffets.  The menu we must say is much much better.

    The setting is spacious although a little dark in the lighting area but bright enough to see the food you’re about to dive into!

    If you’re one of those hungry wantoks that can’t have enough at every meal, this is the kind of style that will suit you, seriously!

    Sizzlers Family Restaurant is located at the Gateway Hotel where Enzo’s pizza was previously located.

    We took a few pics while there and we’ll let these pictures do the talking!



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