10 Paradoxes of Papua New Guinea

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    Several years ago, actually 2008 to be exact, we used to follow a blog by “Robert”.  Robert’s blog was an entertaining one and in one of his postings which always gives us a good laugh everytime we think of it, he listed 10 Paradoxes of Papua New Guinea.  These paradoxes were very true and at the same time hilarious.

    The interesting thing about Robert was that he was an expatriate but was well immersed with village life.  Robert was working in the Highlands of PNG and took time to write about life in PNG based on his experience and observations.

    The paradoxes below are very true and just a word of thanks to Robert for the wonderful entertaining blog he had.  Sadly, the last posting on the blog was in 2011 so it looks like he has moved on.

    So here is Robert’s 10 Paradoxes of Papua New Guinea:

    1. You can trust a man with your life but not with 50 bucks.
    2. Lovers will not hold hands in public but good mates do.
    3. Order and chaos are one and the same.
    4. A person’s wealth is measured by what they give away rather than what they accumulate.
    5. There’s no such thing as PMV timetables but as a rule of thumb one does not have to wait longer than a few minutes for a passing bus.
    6. There’s no such thing as a free gift even though the locals give freely.
    7. It’s much easier to raise money for the dead than what it is for the living.
    8. Papua New Guineans will patiently hang around for hours but when it comes to queues they lose all sense of courtesy.
    9. It’s totally acceptable for a man to have close body contact with a young lass whilst riding on the back of a PMV other times it’s probably best not to have eye contact.
    10. There is no word for paradox in Tok Pisin!
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