Butuka Blocked

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An interesting twist has developed for the newly opened Butuka Academy.

Behori Joku, a landowner from Kira Kira village, who claim to own the land on which the school is built informed this morning that due to landowner children not being enrolled or given priority, the landowners have proceeded to shut the gate.

The Enrolment of Kira Kira students has been a hotly debated issue with the Board initially claiming that landowner children have allocated spaces in the school but the steps taken by the landowners seem to indicate otherwise.

Here is her original posting:

This is the new Butuka Academy. We, the people of Kira Kira and Mahuru villages have chained the gates shut.

Children from Kira Kira are removed from classes on a daily basis by the principal and teachers and made to sit outside while outsiders from other parts of NCD and PNG attend classes and outsiders continue to be enrolled.

This school is built on our customary land so if 100% of our children cannot go to this school, no outsider will attend. We will keep the school shut indefinitely.