Cuesta College to showcase New Guinea drumming, dancing

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    Artists from New Guinea’s Asmat ethnic group will demonstrate traditional drumming, ceremonial dancing and expert woodworking at Cuesta College.

    Master craftsmen Biatus Amernat and Feransiskus Yemes will display elaborately carved drums, masks and costumes Tuesday at a free cultural exchange event at the community college’s San Luis Obispo campus.

    Joining them in the Harold J. Miossi Art Gallery courtyard will be Bernat Bicimpari, a singer and drummer. They’ll also be accompanied by a translator.

    The three indigenous artists are visiting Cuesta on a nationwide tour that includes stops in Los Angeles, Chicago and St. Paul, Minnesota.

    “It has been nearly 20 years since any Asmat have visited the United States, and this trip is a first for these artists outside of their homeland,” said Nancy Douglas, Cuesta’s fine arts and performing arts support coordinator.

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    Known for their superb woodworking and strong cultural traditions, the Asmat hail from the southwest region of the Pacific Ocean. Their homelands are located on the island of New Guinea in the West Papua region of Indonesia.

    The event, which is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m., is free and open to the public.

    For more information, call 805-546-3202.

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