Carina Police take on Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast to raise money for youth programs

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    Constable Jake Ostini, Constable Scott Petterson and with one of the support crew Acting Sgt Dale Ryan. Photo: RENAE DROOP

    EIGHT intrepid police officers will this morning trade their navy uniforms for hiking gear for the gruelling Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast this weekend.

    Constable Scott Petterson said the teams from Carina Police Station had spent much of their spare time preparing for the 96km slog that replicates the trail in Papua New Guinea.

    “We found out about the event last year, one of the ­officers at our station ­proposed the idea,” he said. “We didn’t have enough time to prepare so we looked forward to this year — eight officers put their hands up.

    “I’m looking forward to (the trek) … It will be a little bit life-changing to achieve something like that. It’s a whole station effort and everyone is playing a part.”

    With the help of the ­Carina Leagues Club, the station has already raised $4000 toward the Kokoda Youth Foundation, a charity which runs programs to instil confidence in teenagers.

    “We see how important these resources are in the community and we want to make sure that they continue,” Constable Petterson said.

    The trek through the Gold Coast hinterland will start at 7am on today and conclude in about 24 hours.

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