BSP Lae bring Christmas cheer to Angau children’s ward

  • BSP Lae team outside the Angau Memorial General Hospital

    The children’s wards at the Angau Memorial General Hospital were filled with happy children, when BSP staff visited on Saturday (19/12/15).

    The team from the three BSP Lae branches; Lae Top town Branch, Lae Commercial Centre (LCC) and Lae Town market stocked with goodies and shared the Christmas cheer with sick children, their caregivers and hospital staff.

    They presented special packs which included water bottles, bucket hats, T-Shirts and sunglasses together with toiletries, toys and hand sanitisers.

    Bank staff sang Christmas carols and shared the story of Christmas before ending the visit with a prayer.

    Two BSP Staff spreading the Christmas cheer to mother and child

    Two BSP Staff spreading the Christmas cheer to mother and child

    The hospital visits are part of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility and is usually the icing on the cake, topping off a year of much worthy sponsorship, donations and activities the bank undertakes throughout the year.

    Event coordinator Nepthalai Aukiri thanked everyone involved in making the event a success.

    “We also extend a word of thanks to the management and staff of the Angau Memorial General Hospital, who allowed us to visit,” Mr Aukiri said.

    This is the second year that BSP Lae branches have combined to visit the children’s ward.





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    In PNG, the BSP Group holds approximately 50% market share in both loans and deposits.  With a significant presence in PNG, Fiji and Solomon Islands, BSP’s growth potential has always been likely to come from acquisition or line-of-business investment opportunities.

    BSP views itself as a major PNG and South Pacific banking and finance entity, with a strong regional business, and has pursued a diversification and expansion strategy, to seek out both geographic and business line opportunities of economic size and merit.


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