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2018 Pride of PNG Awards for Women

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They all have incredible and inspiring stories to tell.

CPL Group’s search for their women-empowerment program PRIDE OF PNG AWARDS FOR WOMEN were finally chosen and will be honored at the awarding ceremony on October 18 at The Parliament Function Room. A good number of entries were received by the organizing committee via snail mail, email and nomination entries.

The judges for this year’s search are as follows: Ms. EMMA WAIWAI, MS. AVIA KOISEN, one of our past winners MRS. PILLY MAPIRA-PAKE; LADY WINIFRED KAMIT and Mr. CHARLES TAYLOR.

The patron of this women empowerment program, His Excellency Governor General Grand Chief Sir Governor General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, as well as his wife Lady Hannah Dadae will be the chief guests of the awards night. Various local and foreign dignitaries will also be present like US Ambassador Her Excellency Ms. Catherine Egbert Gray, NZ High Commissioner Her Excellency Ms Sue Mackwell, Australian High Commissioner His Excellency Mr. Bruce Davis and Indian High Commissioner His Excellency Mr. Vijai Kumar as well as the top leaders of various corporate companies.

This year, all winners are from outstation. Here are the brief profiles of this year’s winners:



Mrs. Sophie Mangai – Wewak East Sepik Province
Mrs. Sophie Mangai is an advocate for Women & Girls and the President of the East Sepik Council of Women. She defended a young innocent 16 year old girl raped by 5 policeman during a raid of a village. Sophie was assaulted and jailed unlawfully and threatened and then discharged with a bail fine of K1,000.

Despite this, the bravery and courage act, caught international attention and she continued relentlessly to speak up and out until the Police establishment conducted an investigation with litigation ensuing. All 5 policeman were found guilty and jailed with sentences ranging over 20 years.

Apart from this, Sophie had attended to so many other cases and also helped and assisted in order for law to recognize the sufferings of women and girls in silence.


Mrs. Margaret Benny – Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province
Mrs. Margaret Benny started her career as a Volunteer with Mt. Sion Centre for Persons with Disability, Goroka since 2002 and to date she is a specialist Braille Transcriber.

She undertook the challenging and time consuming task to transcribing many school text books/educational resources into braille for Blind Students. She is also engaged in the national examination papers for grades 8, 10 and 12 into braille. Braille literacy for children and adults who are blind, enables them to access a more extensive range of educational opportunities.

When required Margaret conducts braille writing and reading workshops for teachers who have blind students in their class. She also conducts workshops in pre-braille skills training for parents who have a pre-school child who is blind. Such workshops empower teachers, and parents to meet the special needs of these children. Margaret has given the love and passion in giving life to people with disability.


Ms. Deborah Mumia – Buka, AROB
Ms. Deborah Mumia, a volunteer library manager, manages a membership of around 2000 with 13,000 loans annually. To have the passion to do this on a daily basis with no economic benefit is worth mentioning and honored to recommend for this award.

After 13 years of Home duties, Deborah decided to volunteer at the library, and she has continued to work tirelessly in her crucial role ensuring that the Library runs effectively and meets its objectives. The library has cemented a place in the community as a space to go to read, learn and grown and this woman takes the pride in promoting the service and the value of reading in the community. She also actively promotes education and personal growth for those who have had limited pathways in life and who may like to take the opportunity to self-educate.

While working without pay, Deborah is channeling all her energy towards improving literacy levels in Bougainville by providing a quality library service, mentoring other volunteers and engaging with the wider community to promote the benefits of reading. She also dedicates her time and energy to ensure that beyond being a community resource, the library is also somewhere safe and peaceful where people can read, learn and use the facility to educate and inspire others.

She herself found inspiration in the reading materials available at the library, including articles about domestic violence, breast cancer survivors, and the stories of power women in business and politics. She loves the variety of reading materials available to women at the
library and encourages others in her community to read learn from the personal stories of other people. Deborah Mumia deserves this award as the Unsung Hero for the Community Spirit Category.


Mrs. Magdalene Pigolo – Buka, AROB
Mrs. Magadalene Pigolo from Buka is someone who strived against the odds in the middle of crises to ensure the local students’ basic right to education was not jeopardized. Her story is one of a kind. A true women hero indeed.

She has practiced highest standards of professional, ethical and human behavioural abilities in trying times as evidenced by her story. Despite being a mother (getting pregnant in between) and having had to move in between schools with her kids, in the midst of ongoing crises, she didn’t give up. She could have left for her second province (ESP) but she remained and suffered and survived among her own people. In addition, was her ability to ensure students from one high school (which was closed due to the crises) sat for their grade ten exams in another school?

Her story not only demonstrates high level of Motivation, Initiative, Integrity, Leadership skills and commitment but is a true testament of how one can create an innovative, productive, purposeful learning environment in the midst of adversities.

She is one of a kind that was made for a country like PNG. Treasurers like her are rare. If there is a reason worth fighting for again in Bougainville, it would be to retain such a pride of theirs – a true unsung woman hero and a true role model for teachers throughout PNG.


Ms. Anne Litau – Kokopo, East New Britain Province
Anne Litau is a young volunteer missionary nurse at the Kambubu Clinic in East New Britain, has shown discipline, altruistic leadership and passion for what she does as not the ONLY nurse for Kambubu Adventist Seconday School but also for the Kambubu Youth, Ambassadors and Advertures (YAPA) club, music leader and role model in all she does for the young people of Kambubu not to mention for the Lord.

Despite working in rural and often adverse conditions with the bare basics medical equipment, Anne was able to successfully deliver a baby in the middle of the night on a mountain where she had to wait for over six hours with a kit, a torch and very little assistance. She managed to save the life of the baby and stem the bleeding of a very distraught mother and was given the honour of naming the baby girl. With whatever little resources she has, saving lives is what matters for this young Nurse and continues to serve the school and the community at large.

Being the only medical professional in the area she has a very busy schedule but is still able to lead and inspire a youth group in her community all whilst being a mum to her young cousin whose father has passed away and looking after her often sickly housemate.

Anne consistently puts the needs of others before her own and she has demonstrated outstanding leadership by addressing the needs of young people in her community. The young Nurse is a Role Model and deserves the Young PNG Category Award.

The PRIDE OF PNG AWARDS for WOMEN was conceptualized by CPL Group to honor everyday Papua New Guinean Women who do extraordinary things – the unsung heroes of our communities whose contributing to PNG life is not widely known to the general public.
This community initiative is proudly sponsored by Post Courier, PNG FM and EMTEK and supported by PNG Air, Lamana Hotel, Colgate Palmolive, Patrick’s Cellars and SP Brewery.