10 Things To Know About A Police Clearance Certificate

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It’s not a document that we really get concerned about on a daily basis until we’re requested by an authority to obtain one for the purpose of a visa application, passport or an account.  There are many reasons why you’d need a Police Clearance Certificate so we’ve listed 10 important things we’ve come across when completing one.

  1. You’ll need to state exactly why you need a police clearance certificate.
  2. There are 9 reasons stated on the form as to why a certificate is needed but this is only a guide.  A certificate can be used for any purpose.  The reasons expressly stated on the form are: Employment, New Bank Account, Passport, IPA, Visa, Firearms, NAC Pass, Study within PNG and Port Pass.  If none of these apply, state the reason in the “Other” section.
  3. You will need to attach a passport size photo.
  4. The fee for making an application for a police clearance certificate is K10 (at the date of this posting).
  5. Payments should be made at the Finance Haus, Vulupindi Waigani
  6. It usually takes 5 working days to obtain a certificate.
  7. You will need to have your finger printed.
  8. A Police Clearance Certificate application can be obtained from any Police station although the best place to obtain one is at the Boroko or Gordons station.
  9. You may also be requested for the bio-data of your passport (if you have one) so always make a copy and keep it handy should the Police ask.
  10. NCRO is the organisation that processes the application and issues the certificate.