Want To Register Your Trademark?

  • If you’re considering registering your trademark, below are the filing requirements.  We’ve also jotted our contact who can assist you throughout the whole process.

    Trade Mark

    Filing Requirements

    If you are considering filing a trade mark application in Papua New Guinea, here are the following requirements.


    Provide Full Name, Business Address and if the applicant is a company the country of incorporation.

    Statement of Use

    The trade mark application must be filed on either of the following grounds:

    • In use by the applicant
    • Proposed to be used by the applicant
    • In use by a registered user
    • Proposed to be used by a registered user


    The representation can be sent by email to be affixed on the prescribed application.

    Goods & Services

    Papua New Guinea uses the latest International Classification.  Note that multi-class applications are not possible so each class will require a separate application.


    Please refer to our Fee Schedule.

    Authorization of Agent / Power of Attorney

    A lawyer with a practicing certificate can sign documents on the applicant’s behalf.  Any person with a document authorizing them to sign on behalf of the applicant is also acceptable.

    Length of Registration

    For straight forward applications, the minimum length from filing to registration is about 9 months.  The date of initial filing is treated as the filing date and on registration is also treated as the registration date.

    If you need expert assistance, send an email to Vai IP at mea@meavaiip.com.

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