Solar Lights for Kupiano and Kwikila

  • Kupiano Elementary School in Central Province came alive on Monday following the opening of a solar power project funded by Bank South Pacific (BSP).

    The school which has close to 100 students now has lights in its classrooms and the administration block including teacher’s offices.

    The project was completed at a cost of K25, 000 and was handed over back to the community by BSP Waigani Drive Branch team as part of the BSP’s community project for this year.

    This program aimed at developing learning environment in rural schools to meet the education standards has seen the installation of solar lighting to nine schools, including Kupiano Elementary School. While it was a small ceremony, the students, teachers, parents and the community were pleased to receive the project and marked the occasion with a traditional welcome by the children.

    Retailers and BSP First Staffs painting Kwikila Secondary School Hall.JPG

    BSP Waigani Drive Branch Manager Madeleine Leka said the solar project is a gift to the community, especially teachers and students to enhance learning.

    “Electricity is a necessity for education development. BSP is proud to work with the local community in helping our children,” she said.

    “We appeal to the community to look after the solar power panels if they would like to see further education support in their communities,” Ms Leka added.

    Head teacher Mr Pala Ora said the school is very fortunate to be recipients of this project, out of the many schools, and we thank the bank for this support.”

    “Lack of adequate lighting undermines teacher’s ability to prepare lessons. But it is encouraging to see that corporate organisations, like BSP are willing to give back to the communities. We thank you BSP for choosing our school.”

    Meanwhile, BSP staff under the Retail and Finance & Planning SBU, volunteered hours to clean and paint the mess and student hall at Kwikila Secondary School in the Central Province over the weekend. The school will also receive Solar Lights installed in classrooms in the next 2 weeks.


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