Kwikila Secondary School to receive Solar Lights

  • Kwikila Secondary School in Central Province will be the next recipient of BSP’s Solar lights in High Schools.

    A ground breaking ceremony was done by BSP Staff and the Member for Rigo Open & Vice Minister for Transport Hon Captain Lekwa Gure on Thursday 03rd May 2018.

    The event was witnessed by the community, staff and students at Kwikila Secondary School. The ceremony marks the start of BSP’s Community project, to install solar lights to the student’s dormitories and classrooms; A project that will be undertaken by BSP staff with the help of a contractor.

    Member for Rigo Open Hon Captain Lekwa Gure thanked BSP for the wonderful initiative that will coincidently incorporate with the Schools water project that is in progress.

    He said, “The Solar lights project will compliment a Water Project that is funded by the District and we are pleased to have the bank here to uplift the standard of education in the rural communities,” Hon. Minister Lekwa Gure stated.

    Speaking at the ceremony, BSP’s Chief Financial Officer – PNG, Mr Ronesh Dayal, thanked the Member for Rigo Open and acknowledged the community support.

    He added, “The BSP Community Projects are undertaken by each branch in PNG & the Pacific, as a way for our staff to contribute meaningfully back to the community. The Community Project initiative is focus on Education, Health, Sports, Environment and other community initiatives. This year’s theme is based on “Solar lights in High Schools”.

    Kwikila Secondary School will become the first school in the Rigo district to switch entirely to solar power system, and BSP is pleased to deliver this project.

    We believed that providing Solar lights to schools in local and rural communities will help improve literacy rates as well as an increase number of student intake into Tertiary Education.

    BSP has over the last 8 years completed 336 Community Projects across PNG, investing K7.8m, focused on community.


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