Konepoti Primary receives Solar Lights

  • Konepoti Primary School will be saving on spend on fuel, with the installation of a 3000kW solar generator to power the school.

    The solar installation project was one of the 45 community projects that BSP has undertaken this year, under the Bank’s Community Project Initiative. This project was delivered by the branch staff at Boroko Banking Centre.

    Konepoti Primary School in Kapari village, Abau District is a 4 hour drive out of Port Moresby and is in Central Province.

    Headmaster Mr Amada Pala expressed appreciation for this project delivery at the handover ceremony over the weekend.

    He said, “The school administration used a small generator to print test papers, educational resources and power up lights to use, when there is need for teachers to work in the evening. Our teachers have limited resources to help them in preparing lessons at night and checking on students work.”

    He added “ with the solar lights and power installed, our spend on generator fuel will be significantly reduced, and teachers will now be able to fully take advantage of this resource  provided, thanks to BSP and the Boroko Branch staff,” said Mr Pala.

    BSP Boroko Branch team teamed up with a contractor to install solar panels and a 3000 kilowatts solar generator to light up the school buildings and provide electricity.

    Boroko Branch Manager, Ms Maureen Wanu thanked the school saying, “BSP hopes that this project will support the school and the community moving forward.”

    Ms Wanu, in her hand over presentation also reminded the community to take care of the lights and the equipment given which was fully funded by BSP and delivered at the cost of K25,000.

    She added, our branch staff has come a long way out to work with the community and we are pleased to deliver a successful project that will make changes.”

    BSP has so far delivered 14 community projects out of the 45 selected projects for this year.

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