A car and a pig for Christmas

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    When it comes to marketing in PNG, Ela Motors had the flare to unleash some of the most interesting, entertaining and at times bizarre advertisements.  But the best part about their advertising was the inclusion of local content or local flavour. This made their advertising highly relevant.

    Today, Ela Motors still continues to be the leading car dealer in PNG however its advertising has not be so local oriented.  Perhaps this is to do with the change of times and the change of focus of its intended audience.

    With high price of vehicles of which most are beyond the budget of the average mum and dad, Ela Motors seems to focus more on corporate clients and the ever growing demand in the Highlands region.  The demand in the Highlands region is not so surprising considering their premier model the Toyota Landcruiser is the perfect vehicle for the rugged terrain in the Highlands.

    Here in Port Moresby, the Toyota Hilux model continues to be popular however there have been strong competition from Mazda’s BT-50 and Ford’s Ranger model.  Despite this competition, the Toyota brand is so embedded in the minds of Papua New Guineans it’s hard to take Toyota out of the minds of local motorists. And you can thank all those interesting local ads in the paper or on the television screen.

    At around this time heading towards Christmas, Ela Motors used to pull off some of the most entertaining advertising campaigns.  This one below was a real catcher most notably because of the “FREE PIG”.


    Pic: Laura Davison

    You might be thinking what incentive is in this advertising other than getting a FREE PIG.

    Well, pigs have always been in high demand especially around the Christmas period.  The typical PNG family having a Christmas feast will no doubt include as part of the menu a roasted pig.  It’s a local delicacy and the demand is extremely high.

    It does turn out to be a win/win situation not only to get a new car but also a pig for the Christmas feast.

    Let’s hope they didn’t pluck the pig out from the farm and slotted it in the back seat of the new vehicle.


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