This morning as we prepared to get to work, we noticed a posting in one of the local groups.  For many, we can be a bit slow on a Monday morning especially after a wonderful weekend seeing the Kumuls fly high over the USA Tomahawks.

The concerned posting showed a grand stand ticket of yesterday’s game and one wonders why this particular person is selling tickets well after the game.  Either he is quite “slow” or there is a clear intention to deceive unsuspecting social media users into buying a ticket that’s simply invalid and worthless.

It’s also possible that the posting may have been done well before the game and it’s a case of the administrators of this particular group being slow in approving the posting.  Even then, you’d expect the administrators to realize that the ticket has passed its used by date.


What’s interesting about this ticket is that there is a possible element of deceit in it.  We could be wrong but the ticket price on the right hand side of it says “K0.00” rather than K120.00 which shows on the top left of the ticket.  Is this ticket for real?  It may be genuine if the tickets were printed the way it is but it’s hard to believe for a world class event to have this error.  It just doesn’t add up.

The point is, we need to be careful when we buy things from people we don’t know.  In the case of a ticket, every little feature should be screened with utmost care before the transaction is completed.