Experience Papua New Guinea’s mystical beauty.

Rugged landscapes, rich heritage, and friendly locals welcome you when you step down this country. One of the best things to do when you get here is to explore its extensive collection of rivers.


The waters in Papua New Guinea serve as home to teeming marine life.

Go boating or fishing in one of its long stretches of rivers, or go snorkeling or diving in one of its seas. Wreck diving is also a very popular tourist activity here.

A glorious experience awaits you at Papua New Guinea. Be sure to plan your trip well to have the best time ever.

Destination: Western Province, Star Mountains

Essence of the trip:

A pioneering journey into the unknown; be one of the first people in the world to venture so deep into the unexplored mountains of Papua New Guinea.

This demanding expedition takes you into the scarcely explored region of the Western Province where indigenous people are unlikely to have ever seen outsiders before. Trek into the heart of the Star Mountains carrying a pakraft on your back until you reach the May River where you will raft on the never before navigated waters.

This is the ultimate, discovery-fuelled adventure and a world first in intrepid exploration.

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