For those of you who aren’t aware, Hardware Haus has relocated from its Waigani Industrial to the new Waigani Central Complex sharing the same shop with Haus Depot.  With both Hardware Haus and Haus Depot combining in one location, the goods on offer is enormous.

And it’s not just the volume of the goods but the wide variety and the quality making a shopping trip to Haus Depot a more positive experience.


One of the unique items recently to hit Haus Depot is the Knack 3 collection consisting of ceramic plates and bowls.


Knack 3 brings a new and fresh approach to the Melamine, Acrylic, Ceramic, and the Home Textile industry.  Their products are sold in North America, internationally, and to retailers of many different styles and merchandising strategies.

The bright vibrant colours are attractive for the dining area and if you’re after quality and style for your kitchen and dining room it’s worth paying a visit to Hardware Haus or Haus Depot.