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Papua New Guinea Visitor Survey

Information for participants

As you recently visited to Papua New Guinea; we invite you to participate in research designed to improve the visitor experience as well as support us to make good decisions for tourism in our beautiful nation.

We would like to know about your most recent visit to Papua New Guinea and ask you to complete this Visitor Survey within a few weeks of your trip if possible.


If you are a permanent Papua New Guinea resident, have travelled to Papua New Guinea for employment or under 18 years old, thank you for your interest, but please do not complete this survey.

To thank you for participating you can enter the $500 AUD cash prize draw at the end of the survey. The cash prize is drawn every six months.

Participation is entirely voluntary. To take part in this research, simply click on the button below. The survey asks a number of questions where you select your answer from a range of options given. Some questions ask you to type your comments in your own words into the box provided. We would appreciate it if you could fill this survey out as accurately as possible. All answers are confidential and can in no way be linked to your personal details. By taking the survey you are giving consent to be part of this research. The survey will run until the end of 2017.

This survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete

For further information about this research contact:

Project Coordinator: Michelle Hunt, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, AUT University. Ph: +64 9 921 9999 ext 8890
Team Lead, Simon Milne:, New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, AUT University. Ph: 09 921 9245
Questions regarding the conduct of the research should be notified to the Executive Secretary, AUTEC, Kate O’Connor:, Ph: +64 921 9999 ext 6038
Approved by the Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee on 14 November 2016. AUTEC Reference Number 16/410.