It has been reported in an Australian magazine, the Business Review Weekly, that 21 pristine islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea are on sale.

Australian entrepreneur Ian Gowrie-Smith is believed to be the owner of these islands having purchased them in 2003.

Who he bought the islands off from is uncertain but Gowrie-Smith is now looking for buyers who are looking at purchasing their own pristine islands.


It was reported in the magazine that “Gowrie-Smith said he was open to offers and ideas – he is just as in­terested in what buyers intend for the atoll as the prices they are willing to pay. The collection was valued at $US25 million about 10 years ago.”.

The Conflict Islands are located in Milne Bay, South East of Papua New Guinea at the top of the Coral Sea. They are at the lower end of the D’Entrecasteaux Straits and renowned for diving & fishing.

According to the Conflict Island website, the Conflict Islands are 22 pristine, uninhabited islands in an atoll configuration with numerous natural lagoons and coral reefs forming a unique chain of islands. 

Pic: Nia Sweeney

Panasesa is the main island on which all the infrastructure is located and which has two superb lagoons and a drift dives along a kilometer of sensational reef.

The other 21 islands are totally uninhabited, and all have wonderful beaches, lagoons and flora/ fauna.  To see more of Conflict Islands click the link below.

Gowrie-Smith is believed to have first been introduced to PNG when he travelled there as Prince Charles’s companion during his southern hemisphere schooling in 1966.

You can take a closer look at the Conflict Islands the subject of this article




  1. Interested in an Island and prices. Is there any more detailed type information available for my perusal. Looking for a deserted place and piece of paradise to retire on.


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